I'm Playing Two Release Shows Next Week

Hey pals, I’m heading to my two adopted home towns next week to kick off a celebration of my new album coming out on Slumberland Records and Knock Yr Socks Off.

The first show is in “My Old Town”, San Francisco. I’m playing the first venue I ever went to in California when I was still a teenager, Bottom Of The Hill. I saw Stereo Total and hung out with a girl I met on the internet. It was a heady time.

On the bill with me will be my good friend Rob & Nick’s band Blues Lawyer. Their name might make you laugh but their music is excellent and I highly recommend you scoop up a copy of their LP on Stew from Boyracer’s Emotional Response label.

Also in an effort to court the youth vote, I recruited my friends in The Love-Birds to join the bill. If you haven’t heard their Trouble In Mind album yet, think of The Byrds and Teenage Fanclub. It’s a timeless sound and they do it to perfection.

And appropriately enough we’ve got Mike from Slumberland and Scott from Knock Yr Socks Off DJ’ing. Mike played in some of my favorite bands, Black Tambourine, Whorl, and Manatee to name a few, and Scott is an old friend who played in fellow SLR alums Summer Cats who hailed from that striped sunlight land of Australia.

The second show is in my current home town of Los Angeles (and mere blocks from my house) in the old Westlake district. In the 1920’s the area was known as the “Riviera of The West” but in the 1990’s it was known as “The bridge downtown where Anthony Kiedis gave his life away”. Some of the beautiful buildings, including my own, still survive from the 20’s. So keep your eyes peeled on the way to the show.

My good friend Justin Sullivan is on the bill under his Night Shop moniker. There are few carrying on the mighty singer-songwriter tradition who can do what Justin does as Night Shop. Combining his writing background and his many years running the rhythm for The Babies and Kevin Morby, he writes syncopated songs of love lost-and-found.

A.O. Gerber is also on the bill. I heard her songs when we played a backyard Halloween party together and I was totally mesmerized by on-stage charisma and confidence. It’s not too often you see someone charming a packed backyard.

Rounding out the music is my good friend Nelson Hallonquist. The last time I saw him was at the bowling alley in Eagle Rock. His sound is somewhere between Soothing Sounds For Baby and The Disintegration Loops but it’s uniquely his own. Tape sounds weave in and out, synth sounds oscillate and disappear. It’s really my favorite music.

And guess what? We’ve got DJs at this show, too.

My friends and bandmates Mike Krol and Allison Crutchfield are graciously appearing to play all my favorite tunes they play in the tour van. And honestly I’d go to this show just to hear what they play, so you should too!

See you there.

Corey Cunningham