Listen to "Keep The Blues Away"


Friends, I've been waiting a long time to announce this great news!

My new Business Of Dreams album is coming out via Slumberland Records and Knock Yr. Socks Off Records on February 1st. The fine folks at Ears to Feed are streaming the first single, "Keep The Blues Away". It's a song about work and money. Give it a listen and check out my tour dates. I'm hitting the road with Tough Age and Corduroy for some Canada/East Coast/Midwest dates this month.

I'd also like to thank Gina Clyne who not only came up with the cover image but nearly died in 114° heat in Death Valley in the middle of July trying to get the perfect photo. She's my inspiration, my editor, and the person who encouraged me to make this music in the first place. I love you and I don't say it nearly enough.

And thanks to Scott from Knock Yr Socks Off and Mike Schulman from Slumberland for making this record real. Thanks to Phil Benson for doing the handwritten album title and Mike Krol for font help/treatment. And also thanks to Joey Izzo for news that you'll see later.

I'm also thinking of Marc Ostermeier and Eric Ostermeier who put out the first proper album I wrote 11 years ago on Words On Music. And especially thinking of Mona Dehghan who believed and supported my music in ways noone else ever had, I could never be thankful enough for her. I really believe this is my best record and it's from a lifetime of friendships in music that led me to it.

So I hope you all listen to this track and the rest of the album and you can find something in it for yourself, from me to you.

Corey Cunningham