Ferragamo Used My Music For Their Spring Campaign

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 11.15.57 AM.png

I was on my twelfth hour working on a construction site in Beverly Hills when I got a call from my publisher about my song “Bottom Feeders”. Ferragamo wanted to use it for their upcoming spring line and they were wondering if I’d be into recording a version tailored to their new look.

As soon as we finished working, I hopped in a Lyft to the Expo train line so I could get to work as soon as possible. I was covered in dirt from head to toe and still wearing my work clothes. But I didn’t care, I was excited to work on something special.

When I got home I watched the rough cut of the commercial and penned some lyrics that fit both the music and the visual images. And I have to say, it was a lot of fun.

I think the ad came out great. If you haven’t seen it give it a peek here.

Corey Cunningham